Subject: Nutrition Connections: Help us to create a Culture of Health with 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

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Nutrition Connections: Your Resource for Building Healthy Communities
2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans: What's the Scoop?
A healthy eating pattern includes all five food groups.
As America strives to create a culture of wellness, the recently released Dietary Guidelines for Americans embraces flexibility to help people build and enjoy healthy eating styles that will nourish them physically, while also nourishing cultural and personal connections. 

The Dietary Guidelines retains a five-food-group pattern and stresses the importance of making small changes to improve eating habits. Lori Hoolihan, Ph.D., further analyzed the guidelines and outlines everything you need to know:

While recommendations regarding saturated fat and sodium, as well as protein, meat and cholesterol, have dominated media coverage since the report's release, that buzz has quickly died down. Now, it's time to translate the Dietary Guidelines into actionable advice. Ashley Rosales, R.D.N., provides her recommendations:
Practical Application: Using Dietary Guidelines to Help Clients Improve Eating Habits, Prevent Disease

When it comes right down to it, "cups per day per food group" guidance won't change the way clients eat. Shannan Young, R.D.N., S.N.S., outlines how the new Dietary Guidelines calls for environmental changes to create a culture of health—and how Dairy Council of California is contributing to this process:
Do Your Clients' Food Choices Measure Up?
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Are your clients eating enough fruit or drinking enough milk to meet the Dietary Guidelines? Translating the recommendations into everyday eating habits can be difficult. 

For more concrete examples of what a serving of fruit or cheese looks like, direct your clients toward the Healthy Eating Planner

This free tool uses visual cues to help capture accurate food intake so users can then make a plan to better align their eating patterns to the dietary recommendations.
Healthy Eating Made Easier
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