Subject: Nutrition Connection: The Link Between Breakfast and Health

Plus, ways to celebrate Farm to School Month.
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Reducing Chronic Absenteeism and Supporting Student Success With School Breakfast
Children in the classroom
It goes without saying attendance at school is essential for academic success. No matter how talented the teacher or engaging the lesson, children won't benefit unless they are in the classroom. Yet, chronic absenteeism—or missing 10 percent or more of school for any reason, excused or unexcused—is negatively impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of California kids. Learn how school breakfast improves student health and attendance in this report from California Food Policy Advocates.
The Breakfast Connection
Breakfast Video
Research shows that students who eat breakfast perform better on standardized tests, have more energy for learning and physical activity, eat more nutritious diets in general and snack less late at night. Learn how to design a healthier breakfast by viewing Why You Should Make Breakfast the Most Important Meal of Your Day, part of the Eat Move Win education curriculum for high school. 
How to Celebrate Farm to School Month
Farm to School
Bring nutrition to life in October for National Farm to School Month. Connect agriculture, food literacy and nutrition education with these resources:
Teachers Take 5
Flip the Script for 5 Minutes a Day
As an educator, you often put your students’ needs before your own. Did you know that your own health can have a great impact on your physical, mental and social well-being?

That’s why the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools are joining forces for the #TeachersTAKE5 campaign. Visit now to access healthy, five-minute activities to focus on you. 
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