Subject: Nutrition Connection: Resources to Jump-Start Client Health

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Plan for Success This Year
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Oftentimes New Year's resolutions target big goals like losing 50 pounds or running a marathon. Research shows that setting small, achievable and easy-to-meet goals may be the most effective way to meet larger, long-term goals. 

One small step toward healthier habits could be eating breakfast every morning. Many Americans do not eat breakfast, despite studies that show regular breakfast eating is associated with better health, better eating patterns and healthier weight. 

Use these online resources to help your clients make a plan and achieve their goals: 
Visit for more resources to help clients improve their health through good nutrition.
Physical Activity
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This New Year, encourage your clients to start the year off right by walking, skiing or snowshoeing. These printable exercise calendars and tips from the CDC can help clients add physical activity to their weekly routine.
Nutrition Education Resources for Health Professionals
Activity + Eating for Adults
Dairy Council of California offers a wide variety of nutrition education resources for health professionals. Our adult and parent resources include: 
Dairy Council of California's print resources are available at no charge to schools and health professionals in California. Online resources are available free of charge to everyone.
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