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And the importance of calcium in a healthy diet.
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Celebrate the Healthy Way!
String Cheese Turkeys
When it comes to classroom snacks and parties there are many ways to help students make healthy choices while still having fun. Offering students alternatives to sweet treats keeps nutrition education messages consistent and teaches a lesson that lasts a lifetime.

Here are some easy healthy classroom party tips:
  • Start the party after lunch to ensure students fill up on nutritious foods. 
  • Encourage parents to bring a variety of food from all food groups and smaller portions of sweets.
  • Celebrate with non-food activities like a scavenger hunt, dance party or craft-making activity.
Find more classroom tips and trends at
The Calcium Connection
Calcium Calculator
You may have heard you can get calcium from a variety of foods, but do you know if you are getting enough each day?

Take a minute to assess your calcium intake with the Calcium Calculator. This tool, which works for people of all ages, will quickly and easily set you up with a food plan to get this essential and often underconsumed nutrient that plays a role in bone health.
The Importance of Calcium for Teens
Bone Growth and Loss
Did you know that the majority of bone growth occurs in childhood and adolescence?  

Consuming enough calcium during childhood and adolescence is critical for the development of peak bone mass, which helps reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis in later years. 

Help your students learn the importance of building strong bones in adolescence and how to choose the best foods to support bone health. 

Eat Move Win, an online nutrition education program for teens, features a lesson exclusively on micronutrients and how students can take small steps to improve their diet. For more information about the online program click here
How Much do You Know About Milk?
Essential Nutrients in Milk
Does it seem like nutrition information is constantly changing? You may hear conflicting reports or information that leads you to wonder if milk is a healthy choice.

We want to help you discern facts from fiction about milk. Decades of scientific research on milk and its health benefits support milk's position as an essential part of a healthy diet. 

Learn more about milk and dairy and your health:
Or visit, your go-to resource for healthy eating made easier.
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