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Gift Ideas With Good Health in Mind
Give the gift of good health
Make this holiday season a healthy and happy one for everyone on your list. Give your friends, family members, colleagues and those in need the gift of good health with these health inspired gift ideas: 
  1. Electronic fitness and sleep trackers
  2. Online meal planning tools and grocery list generators
  3. A gift basket filled with fruit, nuts, teas or other healthy snack foods 
  4. Cooking classes
  5. Reusable lunch bags
  6. Board games or conversation cards to bring the family together
  7. A home-cooked meal
  8. Donate to a food bank and give the gift of health to those in need
Find more healthy holiday ideas and resources here.
The Importance of Sleep and Eating Patterns for Teens
Sleep Recharges You
Getting enough sleep during adolescence is a subject gaining national attention. According to the Centers for Disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics, nearly 70 percent of students are sleeping seven hours or less on a school night. The recommendation is eight to 10 hours per night.

Teenagers today are more likely to hit snooze until the last possible moment, then race out the door without a second thought for breakfast. Studies show that a morning meal leads to better nutrient intake over the day and fewer calories consumed.

Help teens learn the benefits of adequate sleep and healthy eating patterns with Eat Move Win, an free online nutrition education program for high school. Lesson 5–Eating Patterns, help teens learn the benefits of regularly eating a balanced breakfast and the relationship between getting the recommended amount of sleep and eating patterns.

Sign in to and explore the five-lesson program that empowers teens to take small steps to better eating and healthy habits. For more information on sleep education, visit

Healthy + Quick Recipes
Healthy + Quick Recipes
During this hectic holiday season, you don't have to resort to dining out to save time. Here are some quick and nutritious meal ideas that will appeal to the whole family, with ingredients you might already have in your cupboard.
Nutrition Education Resources for Schools and Health Professionals
Classroom Teacher Programs
Dairy Council of California offers a comprehensive catalog of nutrition education resources for schools and health professionals.

Classroom curriculum is available for Kindergarten – 8 and high school and align to Common Core State Standards and MyPlate.

Adult and parent resources:
Dairy Council of California resources are available at no charge to schools and health professionals in California.
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