Subject: Focus on Food Literacy in February: Nutrition Connection

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February Focus on Food Literacy
From food picture cards to classroom cooking guidelines and recipes, food literacy has always been an underlying foundation of Dairy Council of California's classroom nutrition lessons. 

Dairy Council of CA defines food literacy as the ability to identify a variety of foods, to understand how individual foods fit within the context of a healthy, balanced diet and to prepare those foods. 

Kefir and Quinoa Anyone?

Many food literacy programs focus solely on Vegetables and Fruits. Dairy Council of CA's inclusive programs also promote food literacy in the other food groups: Milk + Milk Products; Grains; and Meat + Beans. Since all five food groups are important for healthy eating, food literacy needs to follow suit. 

In this special food literacy edition of Nutrition Connection, Dairy Council of CA is excited to highlight some new offerings and partner resources to help you promote inclusive food literacy in your classrooms, cafeterias and even at home to elevate the health of children and parents.
Plant the Seeds of Food Literacy in the Classroom
The Market Mystery digital narrated movie teaches where food comes from
The newly updated Farm to School page on catalogs a variety of resources that tie nutrition education back to its roots in agriculture. Be sure to check out the newly digitized and narrated Market Mystery Storybook video, which takes students on a virtual field trip to learn more about all five food groups.
California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom has a new website at
Dig even deeper into agriculture and food literacy by visiting California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom's brand new online home,

Redesigned as part of its 30-year anniversary celebration, the new web page is easier-to-navigate and mobile-friendly. It also better highlights the wide variety of food literacy and agriculture education teaching resources and programs available free to K–12 educators and families.

Don't forget to review the grants and events sections for additional resources and opportunities as well!
SMART Board nutrition activity for kindergarten
Build a balanced breakfast or send food spinning into a vortex with new SMART Board nutrition lessons aligned to classroom programs for elementary grades K–5. Dairy Council of CA partnered with a first-grade teacher to combine technology with food literacy for an interactive and fun experience for students. 

Learn more about the lesson development process on Dairy Council of CA's blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a classroom supply gift card!
Cook Up Food Literacy at School
Recipes for the cafeteria and classroom from FRESHMeals and California Health Kids Resource Center
Bring nutrition to life by extending classroom nutrition education into the school cafeteria. Recipes specially developed for school cafeterias and even classroom preparation are now available from Fresh, Regional, Education-Supportive Healthy Meals at Schools,

Developed by the California Healthy Kids Resource Center, the FRESHMeals project supports school cafeterias across California in transforming school meals to meet the requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.
Innovative recipes help make learning and food literacy delicious!
Sprout Some Interest: Food Literacy at Home 
MyPlate eBooks from USDA start food literacy at a young age
It's never too early to get started with food literacy! USDA Team Nutrition launched The Two Bite Club and Discover MyPlate eBooks to teach emerging readers (preschool through kindergarten) about the MyPlate food groups. 

Each free eBook includes audio narration that highlights the text as it’s read aloud to promote literacy. Other features include activities, drawing, coloring palettes, colorful characters, interactive games and mazes that are designed to test comprehension and make learning fun. 
Healthy Eating Made Easier
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