Subject: American Diabetes Month: Prevent and Manage With Food Choices

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November is American Diabetes Month®
Diabetes Takes Its Toll on Health

Diabetes affects nearly 30 million American children and adults and its prevalence is expected to grow to 1 in 10 Americans by 2050.

Those with diabetes have double the risk of heart attack and stroke and suffer from other threatening life conditions such as kidney failure.

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Source: American Diabetes Association
Healthy Eating Helps Manage and Prevent Diabetes Risk
Eating the nutritious foods as outlined in MyPlate and getting regular physical activity are two important steps to help prevent chronic disease such as diabetes.

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Healthy Eating Planner: Three Easy Steps to Healthier Habits
The Healthy Eating Planner helps assess your eating and physical activity choices to make a plan to improve. In three easy steps, this online tool can help get you on track with healthy habits to prevent chronic disease.  
Importance of Nutrition Education for Children and Teens to Develop Healthy Habits and Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease
Susan Babeysenior research scientist with the UCLA health policy center, makes the connection between the importance of nutrition education for children and helping reduce the risk of chronic disease: "Evidence suggests that the habits we develop as children, particularly adolescents, influence our health behaviors as adults."

Babey goes on to point out the importance on intervening to reverse unhealthy habits of children and teens. Nutrition education in the classroom is a vital component to instill healthy habits and help prevent chronic disease throughout the population. 

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